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Juicing Classes Information


    Juicing for beginners class!
    This class is taught in groups of up to 10 students.
    Your cost of $59 is for 2 people to attend.
    Classes are held at our shop at Findlay Market on Saturdays and Sundays in the late afternoon or early evening.
    Call to purchase, schedule, or make a reservation to attend one of our juicing classes. (classes are by appointment only)


    The most common types of juicers and how they work.
    How to make juicing simple in a blender.
    Recipes for amazing vegetable and fruit juice combinations.
    Nutritional Info on Super Food fruits and veggies, and why you should eat them.


    Try over six different types of juices and drink combinations!


    Go home with skills to make awesomely nutritious healthy juice drinks whenever you want!


    In this class you and your friend will learn about the two main different types of juicers which are centrifugal juicers, and masticating juicers! We will teach you which juicers are supposed to be used for different types of vegetables and fruits! We will also let you get hands on with a juicer to have some fun! And, to keep things very simple, we will show you how to make lots of great juices using just a blender! We will taste and drink all of the amazing juice combinations as we learn about how to prep them and why they are healthy and nutritious for our bodies! This class is a whole lot of healthy fun! Go home with the confidence and knowledge to make super healthy drinks at home with just your blender, or purchase a Lexen Healthy Juicer from us at a special discounted price just for attending our class!


    Lexen Healthy Juicers are a great brand name high quality Juicer at a price you can afford! This juicer is great for juicing leafy greens like spinach, kale, and grass! We sell the Lexen Hand Crank Juicer for only $49.99 and this price comes with the 1 year warranty on parts provided by lexen! When you take our Juicing class you will receive a 10% discount on our juicers!


    We also carry Honeyville Farms Organic Wheat Grass Berries and Grow Kits so that you can start growing grass for juicing at home! Or let us do all the work for you, we sell bags of freshly grown grass for $15 per pound!